Truly honest review of Function of Beauty

I decided to try function of beauty. After thinking about it for months i thought i decided to do something nice for myself. I think i deserve it, i kept a tiny human alive for a year! Her birthday party was more for me than her, go me! So after seeing ads for function of […]


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Scotland with a wee bairn

We decided a trip to Scotland with a 6 month old was a great idea. I know your all a little scared for me right now. We might have to be committed to an institution, cause most people would run from this idea. My parents had been traveling and invited us to go to Scotland […]

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Traveling with a tiny human

When Dragon (my daughter) was 2 weeks old we took off on a road trip while I was on maternity leave. We had been planning this all along, mainly because I didn’t want to just sit at home doing nothing. Our plan was to go to every state east of Colorado. My husband had converted […]

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My delivery story

This is my delivery story. My due date was March 1st. At 36 weeks i was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Now up to this point my pregnancy was completely normal. Every doctors visit went as planned and I was a model patient, at least in my mind I was. So at 36 weeks we went in […]

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This is my experience and story of pregnancy. Me and my husband met, knew this was the one, and got married a year later. We both knew we wanted a family asap, so we didn’t waste any time. We welcomed our baby girl, Dragon shortly before our 1st anniversary. This was my first pregnancy and […]

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